Scan Repair Tool

The scan repair tool in RayWare is a paid feature that allows for the automatic closing and basing of intraoral scans. It exceeds the functionality of the basic scan tool by adding a basing function, making your model much easier to print and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Base and close

To base and close your model, begin by importing raw intraoral scan data as a .STL file. RayWare will immediately flag your model as raw scan data. If you have the paid tier of Premium or Pro, pressing the 'Fix' button will automatically close and base your intraoral scan. Once this process is completed, you can proceed with printing your model.

To manually access the scan repair tool, select your model and then select the wrench icon on the center-left of your screen. Choose 'Scan Repair Selected' to apply the tool.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

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