Repair Tool

The complimentary scan repair tool in RayWare allows you to repair your broken scans with the simple click of a button. The repair tool will only present itself when RayWare detects that a model is broken in some capacity, and is accompanied by a 'Fix' button.


One-click repair

If RayWare flags your model as needing to be repaired, clicking 'Fix' should solve the issue at the most basic level by ensuring that the scan is watertight and adding material to cover areas that it thinks aren't. This will allow you to import raw scan data, for example, and print out a wax-up or study model without having to utilize paid or external software.

To access the repair tool manually, select your model and then press the wrench icon in the center-left of your window and select 'Repair Selected'.

Note that while the basic repair tool will make your scans watertight, it will not base your model.

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