Connecting a Printer to SprintRay Dashboard

Connecting a printer to Dashboard allows you to see its status from anywhere with an internet connection. With SprintRay Pro, it also allows you to track resin usage statistics. These instructions presume that you already have a SprintRay Dashboard account. If you do not yet have an account, follow the instructions here to create one. 


Connect RayWare to Dashboard

To connect a printer to SprintRay Dashboard, begin by logging-in to your Dashboard account in RayWare. To log-in via RayWare, simply launch RayWare, then press the 'Login' button on the launch window in RayWare. Enter your credentials, then press 'Login'.

Once logged-in, RayWare will automatically connect with your Dashboard account and allow you to remotely access your print status and track your resin usage for Pro printers.

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