Sending a Print Job to SprintRay Pro

This article is a quick overview of how to send a print job to SprintRay Pro, and assumes that you already have a printable STL file. For questions about how to download, operate, or troubleshoot RayWare, refer to our Using RayWare article.

Print Job Settings

When you start RayWare, you will be prompted to select the appropriate print settings. If you aren't prompted to select the settings automatically, click on the bar at the center-top of your screen to launch the print settings window. Choose Pro95 if printing with SprintRay Pro. Select the material you'd like to use for this print job. Note that materials other than those made by SprintRay will require a Pro-level Dashboard subscription. Select the desired layer thickness for this print. Double check that you have selected the correct printer, material, and layer thickness, then press the green 'Apply' button.


For instructions on how to prepare your Pro for printing, continue to the printing with Pro guide.

Import STL model

In RayWare, press the 'plus' button located on the left side of the user interface. Select the prepared model you'd like to print. The model will appear in RayWare on the build platform. 


Orient and add supports

Select your model and use the gimbal to orient your model to the desired angle, and click-and-drag to move the desired spot within the build area. 


Once your model is situated, press the support generation icon in RayWare, which is the bottom icon on the left side. Choose the desired density and strength of the supports and press 'generate supports'. 


Send Print Job to Printer

Press the green printer icon, located on the right side of the software user interface. Select the desired printer, The software will prompt you to check/fill your resin tank. Once Pro is ready to print, press the green 'print' button. 




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