Cleaning SprintRay Pro

Remove resin tank and build platform

To clean your SprintRay Pro, begin by removing the resin tank and covering it with the provided black plastic cover to prevent unwanted exposure. For detailed instructions on how to remove the resin tank, refer to our resin tank usage article.

Next, remove the build platform. To remove the build platform, turn the red knob to the 'unlock' position, then pull the plate toward you until it slides fully off of the build arm.


Cleaning the UV Cover Of The Printer

Spray the surface of the hood with a plastic polish. Use a very mild detergent and warm water if a plastic polish is not available. Clean the surface with a soft, non-abrasive cloth made specifically for polishing acrylic, using small, slow circular stroke. For removal of small, cured drops of resin, a citrus oil based cleaner like Goo-Gone­™ can help easily remove them. Do not use Isopropyl Alcohol, as it can cause unsightly streaks and hazing.




Clean the metal surfaces

Follow a similar process outlined for glass surfaces, but using Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). Small amounts of IPA and a paper towel is preferred for removing cured bits of resin from metal. Smudges and fingerprints should be wiped away using a soft cloth and glass cleaner.




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