How to comply with FDA requirements

Wash thoroughly 

Washing is an essential step to ensuring that no uncured resin remains on your parts after they're cured. Thoroughly wash every part in a two-step IPA bath: first a rinse, then a soak in an ultrasonic cleanser with clean IPA. 

For more information about working with IPA, visit our Washing 3D Printed Parts article

Cure fully

Partially-cured parts are not FDA-compliant. We built ProCure with high-powered LED arrays and a convection chamber to ensure full compliance, but not all cure boxes are created equally. Ensure that if you are curing your parts in a method other than ProCure, you're leaving them in UV light for long enough for them to fully and thoroughly post cure.

Follow all procedures

In addition to washing and curing, certain applications require additional safety measure. Some surgical guides must be sterilized in an autoclave, for example. Consult the SDS and IFU documentation to ensure that you're following all relevant procedures. 

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