Using ProCure for Post-processing

No guesswork

ProCure by SprintRay is one of the most powerful, fully-functional curing units on the market. Its build-in resin profiles make it easy to be FDA-compliant without fiddling around with SDS and IFU documentation. Almost all resins cure in ProCure's omni-reflective chamber in 15 minutes or fewer. And thanks to its convection heated chamber, your parts come out stronger thanks to improved cross-linking. 

Simple operation

To use ProCure, simply select the resin you've printed with on ProCure's touchscreen or enter your own custom profile. Once ProCure heats up, simply put in your parts and watch the countdown timer. Once the countdown is finished, your parts are ready for placement or final steps. For more information using ProCure, visit out ProCure section in the knowledge base. 

We can help with that!

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