Using SprintRay Pro Resin Tank

Installing the tank

Begin by installing your SprintRay Pro resin tank into the cradle. For detailed instructions on how to install the resin tank, review the Installing SprintRay Pro Resin Tank article.

Removing the tank

To remove the resin tank from SprintRay Pro, gently pull the tank toward you until it snaps away from the rails, then lift. Be careful when removing the resin tank if it is full of resin, as it may slop over the sides and harden onto interior parts of your printer. If you spill resin, wipe it up immediately so that it doesn't have the chance to cure.

Stirring resin in the tank

If you leave resin in the tank between prints, always stir to incorporate the resin before initiating a print. Stirring the resin ensure consistent texture and distribution of color. Failure to mix resin, especially when topping-off from a bottle, may result in failed prints. Always use the included resin stirrer to stir resin, as anything with sharp of jagged edges may irreparably damage the tank.



Clean Underside Tank Glass

If any resin has been allowed to collect on the underside of the resin tank, clean with 91% or greater IPA, as well as a high quality glass cleaner, such as Windex.

Storing the tank

Check out our detailed article here on storing your resin and your tank. 

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