Storage of SprintRay Pro Resin Tank

Cover the tank

Each SprintRay Pro tank comes with a black plastic cover. To preserve the shelf-life of your resin, place this cover on top of the tank when not in use. When stored outside of your Pro printer, always securely cover your tank to prevent unwanted curing. Your tank can store resin indefinitely when stored in a cool, dry place.


Designate a storage area

3D printing resin is very sensitive to heat, light, and air. Exposure to one of these three can cause premature or partial curing, requiring that you empty and clean your tank before printing again. Best practice for tank storage is to designate a cool, dry place away from airflow. Cupboards or drawers tend to make ideal storage spots, providing they don't accumulate moisture.

Stack for space savings

When covered, SprintRay Pro resin tanks slot together and are designed to stack. We recommend keeping one tank for each frequently-used material in your office. Label your stacked tanks to make them easy to find. 



We can help with that!

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