Understanding Printability

SprintRay Software scans all of your models before you print in order to detect potential issues before you start a job. Here are the printability errors and what they mean:


Scanned Data

This means that RayWare has detected that you've imported a raw scan. To remedy, simply press the 'Fix' button, and Rayware will close the scan for you. Depending on the level of software subscription that you have access to, it can also base and trim the print for maximum printability and finish.


Problematic Models

Rayware has detected that the model you've imported is not watertight. In order for a print to complete successfully, the model has to be completely closed. This usually means that the model wasn't successfully closed. If you created the model yourself, double check your work. If the model was delivered from a lab, have them ensure that the model is watertight.

Inadequate Supports

Models printed with no supports or not enough supports are extremely at-risk for print failure. Pressing 'Fix' will allow RayWare to correct this by automatically generating the supports necessary. Note that RayWare is aggressive in support generation.


Platform Adhesion

This means that your model doesn't have enough surface contact with the build plate, and may fall into the resin tank if printed as-is. Pressing 'Fix' will allow RayWare to create a small base and attach supports so that your model can be printed. 

This could also occur when the model is not oriented properly. To fix this, you can use the "Base" button to quickly adjust the orientation of the model and maximize the attachment with the print platform. 




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