SprintRay Pro Glossary

Print Job

Once you’ve prepared your printer, finished laying out your models, and send your print to your SprintRay Pro, it becomes a print job.

Support Structure

Additional structures that help ensure accurate, successful printing for models that have overhangs, supports are added in RayWare and can typically be done automatically.


The main filetype for accurately 3D printing computer-designed models is STL. STL files are universal and all major intraoral scanners can export scan data as STL files.


The other filetype for accurately 3D printing computer-designed models is OBJ. files are also acceptable, though much less widely used.

Raw/ Open Scan

Intraoral scanners capture data that is open, meaning the 3D model is not watertight. Raw scans are not printable as-is, and must be closed using RayWare or 3rd party software before they can be successfully printed.


Computer Aided Design refers to any 3D model created digitally and the process of using computers to create and manipulate such models.


Computer Aided Manufacturing refers to the process of creating physical objects from computer models, particularly when using partially- or fully-automated systems such as milling or 3D printing.


In 3D printing, a model refers to a digital 3D file that can be manipulated or printed.


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