Installing SprintRay Pro Build Platform

Identify the build arm

When your SprintRay Pro isn't printing, the build arm rests at the top of the Z-axis. You can easily identify it by the red circular switch on the top. Your build platform will slip snugly over the arm.


Slide build platform over arm

Gently slide the build platform over the build arm with the build surface facing down, toward the tank. The platform should easily slide onto the arm until it reaches the stop.

Engage the magnetic lock

When the platform has been slid onto the build arm, it should still wiggle back and forth a bit. In order to lock the platform down for accurate printing, the magnetic lock must be engaged. To engage the magnetic lock, ensure the platform is in place and turn the red knob located atop the build arm toward the 'lock' symbol. When the magnet engages, the platform should fasten securely to the build arm.


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