Shipping SprintRay Pro

If your SprintRay Pro needs to come back home for service, it is essential that you ship it back to us in the original packaging. Follow the below instructions to ensure your Pro arrives to SprintRay HQ safely.

Use original packaging

Always ship your SprintRay Pro in its original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging for SprintRay Pro, you will need to purchase a shipping crate through customer support. We will not accept your Pro for service unless it is in the original packaging or a shipping crate.

Position Pro in its original polystyrene inserts, lower them into the bottom quarter of the box, and them tightly seal the top piece in place. Ensure that the two boxes are tightly bound together so that they do not come uncoupled during shipping.


Get shipping info

To get a shipping label and a service ticket, contact customer support at 800 914 8001. Our technicians will verify that your Pro needs to come home for service and send you a shipping label. They'll also ensure that your printer gets into the service queue. If you purchased one of our service plans, you may be eligible for a hot swap printer.

Keep your resin tank and build plate

Do NOT ship SprintRay Pro with the resin tank OR build plate attached. If you ship Pro with either of these items, they will not be returned to you. If the resin tank or build plate are left in your Pro and come off during shipping, they can cause collateral damage to your printer.



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