What is the Complimentary Training?

Every SprintRay 3D printer purchase comes with a complimentary, live, 1-hour training session performed by one of our support technicians. Whether you're ordering your third SprintRay Pro or your very first MoonRay, these sessions are designed to help expand your knowledge and confidence around 3D printing in your practice. Each training session is different and often contains a blend of different types of learning, but here are a few examples of the types of things we may cover:

The fundamentals

If this is your first printer or you'd like help with setting up and connecting your 3D printer, our technicians can guide you every step of the way. We can take you from plugging your printer into the wall to creating your very first print, explaining best practices and helping you understand the principles of printing along the way.

Question and answer

If you've already plugged in your printer and taken a crack at your first print, you might already have specific questions. Our customer support representative are 3D printing experts, and would love to make sure that all of your questions have answers. From fixing raw scan data to file management to fine tuning, our sessions are tailored to your needs.

Advanced software & hardware

If you're an advanced user looking to increase your knowledge and become an expert in CAD/CAM,  we'd love to go through advanced techniques. This can include everything from answering questions about calibration, showing you advanced software and hardware tools, and showing you all the tip and tricks we've learned in the last three years of dental 3D printing. 

We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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