Resin Filtration after a Print Failure

When to filter resin after a print failure

If there are numerous bits of cured material or resin that are left in the Resin Tank after a print failure that cannot be removed easily by hand, it may be necessary to filter the resin and gently clean the Resin Tank. When pouring resin from your resin tank back into the bottle, it's important to pour it through a mesh filter with holes no finer than 200 microns. The mesh filter will allow liquid resin to pass through, but will trap any partially-cured resin or debris from contaminating your entire bottle. 

How to filter resin

To filter resin, simply pour it back into the bottle through a mesh tea strainer or other mesh filter. Take care to pour slowly, as the fine mesh can slow the passage of resin into the bottle. The holes on the filter media should not be smaller than 200 microns, or separation of the resin chemical components can occur.

Always check the bottom of your tank and the inside of the filter for bits of uncured resin, as they can be symptoms of print issues that you may not otherwise be able to see.

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