Creating a Design Services and RayWare Cloud Account

SprintRay Design Services is a powerful tool that allows access to our Cloud Design for a wide range of Dental appliances, as well the ability to use RayWare Cloud for easy print setup.

Navigate to Account Creation Page

To navigate to the account creation page, open your browser and enter Once there, click on the Create Account button


Enter your Profile Information

On the next page, input your information, and create a password for your account:



Verify your email

Log into the email account with which you've registered your Design Services account. You should have a verification email from us. If you don't see the email, wait a few minutes and then refresh your account, as the email process may take a several minutes. If you still don't see the email after waiting a few minutes, check your Spam or Trash folder.


Once you've received the email, open it and press the Activate Account button. Once confirmed, you will be able to log in to your newly created account, and input your practice information:




Select Your Plan or Promo Code

On the next page, you can select the standard Free plan, view pricing options for each treatment type, and input any promo codes received:



Credit Card Information

A valid credit card is required to create a Cloud Design Services account for security purposes:



Once this information is input, you can now access our Cloud Design Services, as well as RayWare Cloud for print setup.



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