Setting up New SprintRay Dashboard Account

SprintRay Dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to track print history, view usage data, and remotely monitor progress. Setting up your Dashboard account is a fairly simple process.

Navigate to signup page

To navigate to the signup page, open your browser and navigate to You can also navigate to the signup page by pressing 'Create Account' when prompted to sign in while using RayWare. 


Create account

Press 'Create an account' below the red login button. Simply enter the email address you'd like associated with the account and come up with a secure password. Press the 'signup' button. At this point, you'll be prompted to check your email for verification.


Verify your email

Log into the email account with which you've registered your Dashboard account. You should have a verification email from the sender If you don't see the email, wait a few minutes and then refresh your account, as the email process may take a several minutes. If you still don't see the email after waiting a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Once you've received the email, open it and press the 'Confirm my Account' button. 

Log in to RayWare

To connect your new account to your printer, launch RayWare. When RayWare launches, it should automatically display the Print Settings window. If this page is not displayed, simply click at the center-top of the window where the resin type, layer height, and printer type are listed. 

Press the 'Log In' button located near the bottom of the 'Print Settings' window. Enter your recently-created account credentials and press 'Log In'.

Track your usage

Now that you've connected your Dashboard account with your printer, you can view your print jobs, available printers, and material usage by logging in to your account at

We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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