Which are the Paid Features?

RayWare 2.0 is packed with exciting, powerful new features that can dramatically simplify your workflow. In order to continuously build and support these features, some of them now require a Premium or Pro level account. For a snapshot of all the new paid features, and a breakdown of which are free and which are paid, see below. For more information on payment tiers, visit dashboard.sprintray.com.

Free: One-click repair 

The complimentary scan repair tool in RayWare allows you to repair your broken scans with the simple click of a button. The repair tool will only present itself when RayWare detects that a model is broken in some capacity, and is accompanied by a 'Fix' button.


Paid: Scan repair

The scan repair tool in RayWare is a paid feature that allows for the automatic closing and basing of intraoral scans. It exceeds the functionality of the basic scan tool by adding a basing function, making your model much easier to print and much more aesthetically pleasing.


Paid: Plane cut

The Plane Cut tool in RayWare is a cutting tool that allows you to cut a model along a single plane, reducing material from the base or cutting off unneeded portions of your model. This feature is available for Premium and Pro members.


Paid: Export STL model

If you'd like to use RayWare to close, cut, or otherwise fix your models and then use the resulted STL files in another software, then you'll need to use the Export Tool. The Export Tool is a paid feature for Premium and Pro level software subscribers.

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