Using SPR File Format

Save full layouts

With the release of RayWare 2.0, we've replaced .SSJ with a .SPR, a powerful new tool that not only saves the slices/print instructions, but also compresses and keeps all of the STL files and their layouts so that the job can be reopened and edited. To save your layout as a .SPR file, simply click 'File' at the top of your screen, and 'Save'. This will save your current job as a .SPR file.


Edit full layouts

Rather than just saving sliced print instructions, .SPR also saves and compresses the .STL file for each print on the platform. This means the print instructions are saved but they're also, crucially, editable. When you open a .SPR file, you'll see the models exactly as you left them. Rearrange, delete, and add until you've fit the maximum number of arches on the platform.

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