Updating SprintRay Pro

From time to time, we'll release updates to SprintRay Pro. These updates can include such improvements as bug fixes, speed and efficiency optimizations, software improvements, and more. To ensure that your SprintRay Pro runs as well as possible, we recommend installing updates right away.

When to update

As long as your SprintRay Pro is connected to the internet, it will automatically notify you when an update is ready by displaying a small red notification bubble in the corner of the 'Settings' tab. If you see this notification, click the 'Settings' button and verify that the notification is for an update.


How to update

Updating Pro is straightforward, thanks to its robust onboard computer. From the settings screen, press the 'Update' button. You can view the changeling from this screen to get a sense of what's going to change when you update your Pro.

To begin the update, simply follow the prompts on Pro's touchscreen. Once you initiate the update, Pro will handle the rest. Once the update is finished installing, Pro will automatically restart. Once Pro has turned back on, the update is complete.


If you're having problems updating your SprintRay Pro, contact customer support at 800 914 8004.

We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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