Updating SprintRay Pro

From time to time, we'll release updates to SprintRay Pro. These updates can include such improvements as bug fixes, speed and efficiency optimizations, software improvements, and more. To ensure that your SprintRay Pro runs as well as possible, we recommend installing updates right away.

When to update

We recommended to checking for any updates regularly to ensure your printer has the latest software and compatibility for all appliance types. It is also important to check for printer updates whenever a new version of RayWare Desktop is released, or if you receive an email from SprintRay for your linked Dashboard account notifying you of a new software available. Ensuring your printer is up to date can also help prevent or resolve any bugs or issues encountered due to a potential mismatch between the printer software, and RayWare.


Note: The RayWare Desktop software is required to update the original Pro 95 and Pro 55 printers.


How to update

Before updating, ensure that you have the latest version of the RayWare Desktop software by visiting our download page linked here.

Once you have the latest version of RayWare Desktop installed, double check that your PC is connected to the same internet network as your Pro printer. This is important to ensure the printer can receive the update from RayWare Desktop.


To begin, open RayWare Desktop and click on the Print icon on the right hand side of the screen



Next, click on the Manage Printers tab at the top of the window to show the available Pro printers on your network



Then, click on the Check for Updates button for the printer you wish to update



If an update is available, the window will indicate the current version of your printer, as well as the new version that can be installed. Click the Send Update button, and follow the prompts on the printer's touchscreen


The printer will then show an update is available to be installed. Click the Install Update and Reboot button to complete the software update


Once the update is finished installing, Pro will automatically restart. Once Pro has turned back on, the update is complete.


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