Tolerance Calibration in RayWare 2

Tolerance calibration makes small adjustments to the exposure time of each layer of printing to fine-tune results. This may be necessary depending on your print environment, resin age, or other factors. If you are unsure whether you need to calibrate, reach out to our support team. 


Tolerance calibration will print two small blocks that slide into each other. This tests the printer for fitment, and ensures that printed parts will fit correctly. To begin, open RayWare and connect to your printer. Then go to the top-line menu Print>Fine Tuning>Material Fine Tuning


Next, select the printer, the type of resin you're using, and the layer thickness you normally use for printing. After selecting, press the green 'Next' button. 


Next, select 'Fit and Tolerance' (should always be performed before dimensional accuracy).


For the final step, click 'Next' to start the print when your printer is ready to begin printing. 


Your printer will print two rectangular blocks. Once finished, remove the blocks from your build platform. Clean and post-cure the blocks exactly as you would any other part printed with this resin. 


Once your parts are cleaned and cured, gently slide them together. A perfect result is a 3. Record the number that the window reaches without forcing them together. You will be entering this number into the RayWare software on the next step. If the window is between numbers, you want to round away from the 3. For example, if the window is between the 2 and 3, you will enter a 2; and if the window is between a 3 and 4, you will enter a 4. If the result is a 3, your printer is calibrated correctly. 


After the part is done printing, RayWare will prompt you to input the score your test revealed. If you were disconnected during this process you can get to this screen by going back through the same calibration menus entering the same values and hitting "Skip Print" instead of "Print" on the last step. 


Entering a 1 or 2 will re-calibrate the printer to be closer to a 3. The same is true for entering a 4 or 5, which will adjust in the opposite direction and move the window closer to a 3.

Repeat this process until the slider rests on the 3.

If you've made a total of three adjustments without improved results, reach out to our support team and stop printing calibration tests.


We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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