Problem Connecting to your Printer? Common Connection Issues

Due to the varying nature of each lab or office, network issues can be caused by a number of things. In order to resolve any connection issues to your printer, you will need access and applicable passwords for your WiFi networks.

First, let's ensure that we are able to connect to the network you wish to use:


WiFi - recommended for most users

On Pro’s Touchscreen computer, select the settings tab. Select Wireless Network and follow the instructions to enter your SSID and password. Any computers connected to the same WiFi network will be able to detect the printer.




Plug in the printer via Ethernet cable into a router or switch.

You cannot directly connect Ethernet from the printer to the computer without going through the network. Only computers connected to the same network as the printer will be able to detect it in RayWare.


Connect your printer in RayWare

As long as the printer and computer are connected to the same network, the printer should be automatically discovered in RayWare. 






Creating a Firewall Exemption for the RayWare Software

If your printer and computer are connected to the same network, and the printer is still not visible in RayWare, an exception may need to be made in Windows Firewall for the RayWare software to allow communication on your network. Note: You will need Administrator access on your Windows machine to perform the following function

Here are the steps to create a firewall exception for RayWare:


Click on the Start Button, and type "firewall" into the search bar:



Click the option that says Allow an App Through Windows Firewall:


After that a list of all of the installed Applications and Features will appear:



Scroll down to the RayWare software:


Make sure all boxes next to RayWare are selected.

If they are not selected, click Change Settings mceclip4.png
Then put check marks in all boxes for RayWare


Select OK and then open the RayWare software to determine if you are able to connect to the printer successfully.



Temporarily Disable your Anti-Virus or Firewall Program

There are some known issues with some Anti-Virus software's, such as MalwareBytes and McAfee, that can incorrectly block RayWare's communication to your printer. It may be necessary to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software's active protection, or allow an exemption for the RayWare software if possible. 



Most Anti-Virus or Firewall software's can be accessed through the Windows hidden icon menu in the lower right hand corner. 

Exemption settings for particular programs are often found in the Advanced Menu, or the Control Panel of the software in question. If you are need of assistance disabling your Anti-Virus software temporarily, or creating an exemption for RayWare, contact your IT department to assist.




Multiple Computers Connected to Printer

Your Pro printer can only be connected to one computer with RayWare open at one time. If you are experiencing issues connecting to your printer or sending jobs, and have RayWare installed on multiple computers in your office, ensure that all instances of RayWare that are not currently in use are closed, and attempt to re-connect to your printer.




Reboot Printer, Computer, or Router

Sometimes, a simple reboot of the printer, the computer attempting to connect, or the router being used may be necessary to refresh the connections, and re-establish a valid IP address.

If rebooting the printer, turn off via the power switch on the rear of the machine, allow to rest for 15 seconds, then power back on to allow the onboard network device to fully reset.

The same procedure may need to be performed for the router or computer as well.




WiFi Signal Interference

In some rare cases, such as very busy office complexes with numerous WiFi signals and hotspots, there may be too much WiFi interference to successfully connect to the printer. If this is the case, the printer may need to be moved into a suitable location where stable WiFi access can be achieved, or a direct Ethernet connection to the router/switch may be necessary.



Still having issues connecting to your printer? Submit a Support Ticket on or give our Support Line a call at 800-914-8004


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