How To Retrieve A Configuration File On Your MoonRay Printer (RayWare 2.1.2 and older)

We can learn a lot from retrieving the MoonRay's Configuration File. Think of the Configuration as a Profile of the Printer. The Config tells us about the Resin used, calibrations, alterations, updates ect.

Retrieving the Config File can sometimes being the key to trouble shooting failed prints by the MoonRay only.

But How do you get it? Don't worry, we'll will walk you through it step by step.

Open RayWare and in the upper left hand corner select Help


In the drop down menu select Get Config. Nothing will happen.

Close out of RayWare.

Open Windows File Explorer from the task bar at the bottom of your screen.


Go to the C Drive

From C Drive select Users.


Then Select your computer User Account.


You will then click next to your name on the bar highlighted and type \appdata then ENTER

​Select Roaming


Select SprintRay


​Then Click RayWare.



Lastly Get Config and then send me the Config File.


We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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