Dimensional Accuracy Test RayWare 2.0

To calibrate your printer's dimensional accuracy, Click the Print tab. Then select Fine Tuning. Then Material Fine Tuning.

First Select the Printer. Then the Material you are calibrating ( each resin must be calibrated). Lastly layer thickness. Our recommendation is 100 Microns. Select Next.

Select the Dimensional Accuracy Test then click Next.

Select Automatic Calibration then Next (Only Select Manual Calibration if you are an expert)

The first time running this test you will select Start Print.

The dimensional accuracy print is a small box shown below.
Make sure you are properly cleaning and curing the model prior to measuring to receive accurate results.
Place calipers into the notches of the box and measure the dimensions of this calibration model. Repeat for both the X and Y axis.

Once you have made your first measurements you must record your results.
Following the initial steps: Clicking PrintMaterial Fine TuningDimensional AccuracyAutomatic Calibration this time select Skip Print.

On this screen you will input your results. Your goal is to get a measurement within .003 of 20 mm on the X axis and 30 on the Y axis.

It may take multiple attempts to receive those results, don't worry that is normal.
Let us know how it goes and if you need any additional guidance!




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