Pro Cure Manual Firmware Update

For Mac Users, or in situations where the Pro Cure Firmware does not correctly finish on it's own, there is a simple procedure to manually restore your pro cure to the most recent firmware version. 

1. Turn off Pro Cure and unplug it from power.mceclip0.png

2. Connect Pro Cure to your computer with a USB-A to USB-B cable



3. Your computer should recognize a USB drive as being connected to your computer. Delete all files on the drive (if any are present), and drag and drop the two files (procure.bin & version.txt - they must have these exact names) attached below.

After the file transfer completes, unplug Pro Cure from your computer. After it is unplugged from USB, you can reconnect Pro Cure to a power source and turn it on, the screen should briefly say firmware update in progress before rebooting into version 1.51

If there's any issues at all, don't hesitate to open a help ticket or give our support team a call. 



We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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