Rayware 2.1.3 BETA Changelog and Installer

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RayWare 2.1.3 BETA


  • UI Improvements & New Features


      • New UI for opening .SPR files. Includes options for print preview (layer view) and sending saved jobs to MoonRay & PRO printers from RayWare without reslicing
      • Printability UI Rework - We have eliminated many false reports related to non-manifold errors, the red not printable sign only comes up now when we have a high degree of doubt about the print job’s success. There is also now a third yellow state for when the inadequate supports beta is active. 
      • Removed basic repair button - code still runs if enhanced repair won’t complete
      • Base offset feature for support structures
      • Capability to toggle raft type between default or ‘Roads’ (recommended) 


  • Diagnostic Features


      • Rayware Log File for software diagnostics
      • New Printer log file & calibration history log for advanced printer diagnostics
      • Save Log files to any local location from “Get Diagnostics” menu now under the help tab


  • Changes to Calibration


    • All resins have a new tolerance test without chamfer from base
    • Die and Model resins have an adjustment to the 3 & 4 blocks so that we should always be satisfied with 3 score
    • The Gap Test is printable from the Z-Axis Fine Tuning menu


PrintOS 5.3

  • Tank heating Beta 
    • PrintOS will heat up DENTCA resins to 35° C and all other resins to 25° C
    • Must opt-in to this beta feature from the settings screen
  • UI rework for settings screen
  • Improved internal logs & bugfixes

Pro Cure Installer & Update 1.1

  • UI Rework - completely reorganized menus and status screens
  • Requires USB connection to computer, follow instructions from installer
  • Renamed or added profiles to list all compatible Dentca, Nextdent, and SprintRay resins



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