Printing With KeySplint Soft

KeySplint Soft is a fantastic new material for producing strong & flexible splints, night guards, and other intraoral devices. keystone-bottleplatform.jpg

To use Keystone resins such as KeySplint, you must have an active RayWare PRO subscription and upgrade to RayWare 2.1.4 and Printos 5.31 - then you will have access to the exposure profile for this resin. 

Printing with KeySplint is very similar to other biocompatible resins. Devices should be printed with the occlusal surface facing the platform, the front buccal portion of the model down, and Roads support structures:




Rotate the models to a 45 degree angle as well to reduce the cross-section of the model during the print cycle:




Due to the very soft nature of the KeySplint Soft, it is necessary to use High Density, and High Strength supports, as well as additional supports using the Edit Supports function.

This is to prevent unneccessary movement and rocking of the models during the print cycle. Here are some examples of where it will be necessary to add additional supports:





Additional supports added via the Edit Supports function are very easy to remove, due to the soft properties of the material. This step is necessary for successful prints with this specialized resin.

We do not recommend mixing alcohol used with other resins with your wash cycle for KeySplint Soft. Doing so can prevent them from fully curing. Otherwise the two stage cycle recommended for all of our resins will be effective with this material. 

For Procure users, we recommend curing 45 minutes at 50° C for best results. 

Alternative setup:

If you'd like to explore alternatives to RayWare's support structures, you can consider using Dr. Vu's "VUbase". The flat base allows for the model to be printed without support structures, and makes polishing the model after much easier. Simply download the files, and angle your Splint roughly 70 degrees on one of the 4 bases Dr. Vu provides. Make sure your Splint has significant overlap on the spheres!



Download link for Vubase. 

Delivering the case:

Keystone resins have great thermal properties. For achieving the best fit, put the splint in hot water and leave it for 1 min, then take the splint out and deliver the case. Hot water will loosen the splint for adjusting the fit. 

See this video from Keystone for their advice on polishing Splints made with this resin. 

Attached below are the official Cleaning & Care Guide, SDS, and IFU provided by Keystone for this material. 


We can help with that!

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