Connecting Your MoonRay to a WiFi Network

You can bypass using the direct hotspot connection to your MoonRay S/D printer by merging it onto your WiFi network. This prevents you from having to disconnect your computer from WiFi and your internet connection to send a print job to the printer.


This process will require a computer with WiFi capability, as well as all appropriate passwords/network keys for the WiFi network you wish to connect to.


1. Connect your computer directly to the MoonRay's HotSpot

Turn the MoonRay printer on, and allow it to boot up completely. Then, navigate to the bottom right hand corner, and click on the WiFi option


Connect to the MoonRay's hotspot using the password:  sprintray

Once successfully connected via Windows, verify that you are successfully connected to the machine in the RayWare software.


2. Open RayWare and go to Print > Network Connection > Setup Network Connection



3. Select MoonRay and click Next



RayWare will confirm you have connected to the hotspot correctly


And begin searching for the connected printer




4. Select WiFi Connection




5. Choose the desired WiFi network



You will need to select the desired WiFi network you wish to merge the MoonRay printer onto, and enter the password/network key to allow the printer access. Press Finish/Apply


Once the machine has connected, you can send jobs and check job status from any computer with RayWare connected to the same network.








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