Print Jobs Show 1/0 Layers or Only Print a Single Layer with RayWare 2.5+

With the Parallel Slicer in early versions of 2.5, there is a known issue where SPR files do not contain all of the information necessary for the job to start successfully. 

If you are experiencing this issue, the printer will try to start the print, but immediately cancel and reset after the platform reaches the bottom sensor. Sometimes the touchscreen will show "1/0 Layers" as well or another strange combination of numbers.

There are a few potential causes and resolutions that we are currently aware of:

1. Update to the latest version of the RayWare software at our Software Page

2. Windows is missing the Visual C++ Redistributable package.


We have made a video to help with installing this package:


3. Your Pro printer must be on PrintOS 6.32 or higher to use .SPR files made by the new slicer. If your printer connects using broadcast direct it may not have access to the internet to receive this update. Go to the touchscreen menu Settings>About to see your PrintOS version. If it needs to update make sure your Printer is connected to a network with internet and reboot it.

If you are on PrintOS 6.24 or earlier, please contact Customer Support to get updated to the most recent version. Updating from early releases requires internal tools to complete and we'll be happy to help you!

4. Spaces & special characters in filenames or Windows Username can also cause this issue. Avoid having Mandarin or other non-Roman characters in your .STL filenames and .SPR filepaths. 

5. Check that you have the latest video drivers for your 3D graphics card (GPU):

Latest AMD Graphics Card Drivers

Latest nVidia Graphics Card Drivers

6. Ensure that your computer's 3D graphics card is enabled for OpenGL rendering and set to Maximum Performance mode for RayWare in your 3D graphics card's Control Panel (NVIDIA GPU example):




7. Conflicts with other software or RayWare otherwise not having access to sufficient RAM to process the job correctly. Please check the RayWare Minimum Requirements:



8. If none of these work, please be sure to contact Customer Support so we can assist! Some customers are able to get back up and running with a new version of RayWare we are testing. If you know your computer does not meet the minimum requirements you can also try the Legacy version of RayWare linked below.



RayWare 2.7 Legacy Downloads:

RayWare 2.7 Legacy Slicer for Windows

RayWare 2.7 Legacy Slicer for Mac


Latest RayWare Download:


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