FAQ about Die & Model 2


Can I mix Die & Model 2 with my current Die & Model resins?

Nope! Though these materials share indications, they have different curing requirements. If you mix them together, you will likely experience print issues. Make sure to keep each of your resins separate. 

How do I tell Die & Model 2 resins apart from my existing Die & Model resins?

SprintRay Top Tip: label your tanks! It’s tough to visually tell the difference between the old and new resins, so if you plan on using them back-to-back, simply label the tank. At the SprintRay printing laboratory, we use a label maker, but you can also place a small sticky note on the front of the tank to denote the material.

Which print profile should I use with the new resins? Can I just use the old profile in RayWare?

Since Die & Model 2 has different curing requirements than the previous generation, using the old curing profiles can result in print and accuracy issues. The new print profiles are available in the latest version of RayWare, so if you don’t see the profiles, make sure you’ve updated! Note that Tan and Gray will have separate profiles for Die & Model 2, whereas previously they shared a single resin profile.

Can I use Die & Model 2 with Legacy RayWare?

Sorry, Legacy users. You’ll have to update to the latest version of RayWare to access Die & Model 2 profiles for SprintRay Pro and MoonRay.

Can I exchange my Die & Model resin for Die & Model 2? 

If you have a bottle Die & Model resin you purchased from our store, we’re happy to take it back within 30 days of the purchase date. Note that it must be unopened and unused, and there is a 10% restocking fee. To get that process started reach out to support with your original order number. If you purchased from a distributor, please contact them directly!

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