Design Services FAQ

How do I access the new platform?

You can navigate to , which will take you to the Login page:


The older link will automatically redirect to the new Login page.

You will need to enter your credit card info and your practice information in
order to access our Design Services. This is done for security reasons. Thank you for your patience
and understanding.



Will I still see print data that was previously visible in the Dashboard?

Yes! You will continue to be able to see all the print data that is currently available to you on the Dashboard tab at the top:


What appliance design will be offered with SprintRay Design Services?

We currently offer a wide range of popular Dental appliances for different practices:




How will I be charged for the designs?

The credit card you use for registration will be charged per design that you order. The price
varies by the design you choose, and will be clearly stated before you click Purchase.


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