Unboxing SprintRay Pro S


Welcome to the SprintRay Family!


Your SprintRay Pro S and its accessories come in a single box, but any additional products (such as spare tanks and/or resins) will be packaged separately for shipping.


Open the top of the box.


With your printer positioned near its desired location, cut the tape on the box lid.




Remove the Printer from the Box

Gently remove the the printer from the internal packaging foam of the shipping box.




Remove the Protective Black Bag.


Place the printer in its desired location and remove the protective black nylon bag.




Remove Plastic Wrap

Gently remove the protective plastic wrap, as well as the included training cards.




In the Box:



Below is a full list of the contents of the box:

    1. Pro S 3D Printer
    2. Print Platform (pre-installed on the printer)
    3. Resin Tank and Cover  (pre-installed on the printer)
    4. Resin Wiper
    5. Power Cable
    6. Print Removal Tool
    7. Support Snipper
    8. Cleaning Cloth
    9. Onboarding Card

Please take a moment to review the Onboarding Card, as it contains some important information regarding printer setup and requirements.

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