Tools Included with SprintRay Pro S

Resin Wiper

The resin wiper is a small, soft, rubber wedge that is designed to mix the resin in your resin tank. Its pliable materials make it ideal for gently dragging across the surface of your tank without damaging or scratching the window. mceclip1.png

Print Removal Tool

This tool is ideal for levering under the edges of your prints where they stick to your build platform. Slowly work around the edges of your print, then apply upward pressure to snap your prints free. Always slide the print removal tool along the surface, never stab or jam the print removal tool as it may cause gouges in your print platform.


Support Snipper

The support snipper is akin to wire- or flush-cutters. Use it to cut supports off of your models as closely to the model surface as possible. Supports can often be pulled off by hand, but the support snipper is recommended for important areas for better surface finish.


Cleaning Cloth

Essentially just a microfiber cloth. Use the cleaning cloth to clean the optical path and screen of the printer. The rest of the printer can be cleaned with a soft cloth or paper towel.


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