Connecting the SprintRay Pro S


Connectivity Menu

To access the Connectivity menu, click on the Settings menu icon on the left hand side of the printer's touchscreen


Select Connectivity from the list


Local Network Connection

Select whether you would like to connect to your Local Network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or if you are having connection issues, and would like to use the Printer Hotspot. You will need to Enable the Internet Connection if it is disabled


Choose either LAN or Wireless connection for your printer


When Wireless is selected, ensure that the Internet Connection is enabled, and choose the Wi-Fi network from the available list


Input the Wi-Fi network password using the on screen keyboard


After you have input the password and connected successfully, the touchscreen will show a green pop up window indicating the connection was successful, and show the Wi-Fi network under the Wireless Connection menu


If you wish to connect via Ethernet LAN cable, ensure the proper cable is used and plugged into the corresponding router or switch, and choose LAN for the Connection Type


Once selected, enable LAN via the toggle at the top of the touchscreen, and choose if you would like an IP address assigned via Automatic (DHCP) or Manual


Note: If your printer is connecting successfully, but you are unable to see your printer in RayWare, it may be necessary for your IT department to add the printer as a trusted device on your network, or assign a Manual IP address on the printer as well as on the router being used.

Hotspot Connection

You can also choose to have the printer broadcast it's own Wi-Fi hotspot for direct connection from your PC if encountering connection issues with your network. 

From the Connectivity menu, select Printer Hotspot, and the printer will broadcast a Wi-Fi network with the name as the serial number of the printer. The password to connect will be shown on the printer touchscreen as well


Once connected, you are ready to Print!



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