Connecting the SprintRay Pro S

Download and Install RayWare

Download our desktop software, available for both Windows and MacOS, at For help on installing RayWare, visit our installation guide.



Choose how to connect

There are three ways to connect SprintRay Pro to your PC with RayWare.

Via your local network using either Wireless or Wired connections:


Or you can choose to have the printer broadcast its own Wi-Fi Hotspot connection and connect directly via your PC:



Wireless (Wi-Fi) - recommended for most users

On the Pro S touchscreen, select the Settings tab at the top right, then select the Connectivity category on the left hand side.

If setting up a connection for the first time, or no previously saved networks are detected, choose a Wireless connection profile, and select Setup Network:



Select a wireless network from the list of detected signals:



Input the correct network Password using the on screen keyboard:



Once successfully connected, the selected network will show a green check mark:



Any computers connected to the same Wi-Fi network will be able to detect the printer.


Wired (Ethernet)

Plug in the printer via Ethernet cable into a router or switch. You cannot directly connect Ethernet from the printer to the computer without going through the network. Only computers connected to the same network as the printer will be able to detect it in RayWare.

Choose the Wired Connection Profile:


Once successfully connected to the network, the printer is configured to automatically setup a valid IP address. If necessary, a network administrator can manually define an IP if conflicts arise:



Printer Hotspot

Recommended for crowded/slow networks, or situations where a stable connection cannot be maintained over W-Fi or Ethernet. Requires the PC with RayWare installed to connect to the printer's broadcasted wireless network.


Select Printer Hotspot and follow the on screen instructions:




We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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