Smart Life Tracking



The Resin Tank for the Pro S 3D printer includes advanced electronics and RFID devices that allow the printer to track the lifetime and health of each tank. All of this can be performed on the printer's touchscreen, with easy to follow instructions.


As a note: Resin Tanks are a consumable and do wear out over time. The included Resin Tank health monitoring ensures that your Pro S printer is always functioning reliably, as well as friendly reminders to ensure you never experience printer downtime due to a worn out tank. 

It is always advised to keep a backup Resin Tank for each material you choose to print with, and we recommend only using one resin per tank for the best longevity and reliability.

Activating a New Resin Tank

When inserted into the printer, a new or previously unused tank will show a message on on the printer touchscreen indicating the necessity to active and assign a material, in order to provide accurate usage data, and to ensure that materials aren't improperly mixed if the resin tank is drained for cleaning.


Assign the desired material for this Pro S Resin Tank using the icons for the manufacturer, or by using the Search bar at the top


Once selected, click Save


Once assigned, the Home screen will show a green pop up window indicating success


Although not recommended for the best tank life and reliability, you can re-assign a different material to the same tank using the Change Resin button on the Home screen at any time.

Resin Tank Health

You can access the Smart Life Tracking at any time to see the current health of your Resin Tank at a glance

To start, click on the Device Information tab on the left hand side of the menu


You will see the Resin Tank listed, and it will show the life of the tank at a glance with a green check for a new or healthy tank


Replace Soon, indicated in yellow


Or Replace Now, indicated in orange


You can click on the Resin Tank section to see a detailed view of the Resin Tank Health

Healthy Tank


Replace Soon


Replace Now



Resin Tank Log

The Pro S will also store a Log of all printed jobs, with the corresponding date/time, as well as the amount of material usage. On the Resin Tank screen, press the View Log button to see all printed jobs for the installed Resin Tank.





Replacement Pro S Resin Tanks are available on our SprintRay Store at: 

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