SprintRay Pro S First Time Setup

Choose your workspace

Find a stable surface in a well-ventilated area to setup your new SprintRay Pro S. It is important to keep Pro away from extreme temperatures, windows, other bright UV sources (such as LED bulbs), and direct sunlight.


Review our Video Training Library

Scan the training barcode from the plastic film of the touchscreen to view our full library of training content. 




Remove the Protective Film

Gently remove the plastic film from the front touchscreen of the printer.


Remove the Resin Tank from its cradle and peel away the protective film on the printer's optical path.




Plug in printer

Once the printer has been placed, plug it in. We strongly recommend you use a surge protector or uninterrupted power supply to protect your printer. If you plan on connecting your printer into your local network via Ethernet cable, you will find a port on the back of the printer to do so.

mceclip1.pngIf you need to disconnect the printer or turn it off, flip the switch on the back before pulling the plug. Make sure to cancel or finish your print job before powering-down the printer.


Powering On

Once the machine accessories are installed correctly, and all protective films have been removed, power on the printer using the power switch on the left hand side of the rear panel.

After powering up your Pro S, you will be presented with onboarding instructions on the screen that will help you get your printer set up.

Start by selecting your preferred language:


Next, click to Connect to Network, where you will be able to select a W-Fi network and input the password:


Select your preferred network from the populated list:


Input the correct network Password using the on screen keyboard:


The printer will then attempt connection:


Once connected, it will return to the First Time Setup screen, and show a pop up window indicating successful connection, and will show a green check mark next to Connect to Network:


If unable to connect to the selected W-Fi, the touchscreen will show a warning and allow you to Try Again or Skip to the next step:


You can also choose Switch to Hotspot on the network selection screen to have the printer broadcast a W-Fi hotspot for direct connection to a PC:


Once selected, a Wi-Fi network with the printer's serial number will show as available on your PC. The password for the hotspot will also be shown on the printer touchscreen. Click Confirm once finished:


Activate the Resin Tank

The resin tank should be pre-installed in SprintRay Pro when you take it out of the box. The resin tank holds your liquid resin and should be treated with care.



For best results, it is always recommended to use a dedicated Resin Tank for each different material that you use.

During the initial set up, you will need to select Activate Resin Tank to assign a material to your Resin Tank:


Choose Select Material Now:


Select the resin manufacturer for the material you wish to print with from the icons and drop down list, or use the Search bar at the top to search by resin name:


Once you have selected a resin, click Save:


Enable Automatic Updates

Automatic updates will ensure your printer has the latest software and new features at time of release, removing the need for you to manually check. This process is performed overnight when the printer is not in use, and will never interrupt printer operation.

At the First Time Setup screen, select Enable Automatic Updates:


Automatic Updates will default to Off:


Click the On/Off toggle to enable and click Confirm:


Once enabled, the printer will return to the First Time Setup screen and show a pop up indicating Automatic Updates have been enabled:


Sign in to SprintRay

The final step for the First Time Setup is to sign in to your SprintRay Dashboard account, which will allow connection to our online SprintRay Cloud Design and RayWare Cloud software for easy workflow integration.

Select Sign in to SprintRay from the touchscreen:


If you already have a Dashboard account, select Sign In. If you are new to SprintRay or do not yet have an account, select Sign Up:


The touchscreen will show a QR Code that can be scanned using your mobile device, as well as an Activation code to input in web link from the QR code:


On your mobile device, you will need to input the activation code shown on the printer touchscreen:


Confirm you have entered the activation code correctly:


Input your email and password for your SprintRay Dashboard account. If you have previously logged in to your dashboard account on your mobile device, you will automatically be logged in:


Once you have logged in on your mobile device, it will show confirmation:


The printer's touchscreen will show that it is Signing In:


You are now complete with the initial setup of your printer! Click Finish to go to the printer's Home screen:


Prepare the Print Platform

The print platform should be pre-installed in SprintRay Pro S when you take it out of the box. The platform has a magnetic lock, activated by rotating the red circular switch on the build arm. 



The front touchscreen of the Pro S printer will display whether the Pro S platform is detected and installed correctly:


Once installed correctly, the touchscreen will indicate that the Pro S platform is detected:



Now, you are Ready to Print!





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