Pro S Print Platform Heating


The SprintRay Pro S is equipped with a heated build platform to improve printing reliability. Heat can act as a catalyst in the photopolymerization process that takes place during a print job in your SprintRay Pro S 3D printer and improve adhesion, as well as resin flow. 


As a note: The platform may be warm to the touch when this feature is enabled. The platform will automatically heat to 35°C when installed in the printer. Some resins may require additional heating before starting the print cycle.


On the platform arm and on the inside receptacle of the platform is where the connection is made. Please ensure these areas are always kept clean and free of resin or alcohol





Platform Installation

Ensure that the Pro S build platform is fully inserted into the machine, and locked in place using the red locking knob. 

The touchscreen will indicate if the build platform is successfully installed:

Correctly Installed:


Not installed correctly:


To fix the error, click Resolve Issue and follow the on screen instructions


Incompatible Platform Type:


To fix the error, click Resolve Issue and follow the on screen instructions





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