Operating the Different Curing Zones

The ProCure 2 offers the option of curing the entire chamber, or you can select a smaller isolated curing zone to dramatically speed up cure times if only curing a small number of models, as well as Bolt Mode, for curing 1-3 models in the fastest time possible


To begin your curing cycle of choice, select either Appliances or Materials, and select an appliance and/or resin profile






Your ProCure 2's default operation is side A, which will reflect the shorter curing times, as only one side of the chamber will be operational. To operate side A only, select Start




To operate both side A and B, select the A and B followed by Start




To use Bolt Mode, which cures 1-3 models in the center of the Curing Zones in the fastest possible time, select the Center curing profile




Double check model placement before starting the cure cycle!




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