Selecting the Correct Resin Profile in RayWare Desktop

Different materials can have drastically different characteristics, which is why it is very important to select the correct Resin Profile in RayWare for successful printing. The Resin Profile selection controls printing parameters such as exposure length and resin temperature during a print cycle, and incorrect settings can lead to print failures, inaccuracy, and even damage to the printer or Resin Tank.


The Print Job Settings Menu

The Print Job Settings menu is located at the top of the RayWare Desktop application:



Once clicked, the menu will pop up:



Printer Type

Select the type of printer you are using with the drop down menu at the top:



Resin Selection

Once you have selected the proper Printer type, you can select the resin that you are printing with. Resins are categorized by brand on the left hand side of the menu, and once selected, a list of resins will show:



Layer Thickness Selection

After selecting a resin, you can select the material layer thickness. This will control the surface quality and speed of the print. Choosing the Right Layer Thickness



Once selected, click the Apply button to use the selected settings.


Updating the Material Database

As new resins are added to our library of 1st and 3rd party materials, updates and additions will be released to ensure compatibility with RayWare and your 3D printer. Once updated, these new resin profiles will show in the drop down list automatically. It is recommended to update your Material Database once a week for the best results.


The Material Database can be updated by pressing the small Update button located next to the Material section. The Print Job Settings Menu will also show when the last time the Material Database was updated:


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