Navigating RayWare Cloud

RayWare on SprintRay Cloud is an advanced, completely cloud-based 3D printing preparation system designed for the unique needs of dentistry. Accessed entirely through your web browser, it requires no installation or updates and can be used on almost any computer, including many tablet devices.


Logging In

After logging in to your account via, you will see the Print Setup tab at the top of the page. If you need assistance on how to create and account, please visit Creating a Design Services and RayWare Cloud Account:




Print Setup

Once in the Print Setup section, you will see a representation of the build platform, as well as some tools to get started:



The View Controls in the upper right hand side of the platform view allow you to quickly adjust the 3D view of the platform and models. Left Click and Drag to rotate the view, and Right Click and Drag to pan the view:



You can add STL files of prepared models, or raw intraoral scans by either dragging and dropping the files onto the platform, or clicking the Browse button on the right hand side and navigating to them on your computer's storage:




Appliance Type Selection

Once a model has been added, a window will appear requiring the Appliance Type be selected. If your appliance type is not listed, you can select Custom/User Defined instead and specify the material and model orientation later:



Printer Type Selection

Once the Appliance Type is selected, you will need to select the correct Printer Type that you are using. You can also add a temporary label/name for the STL file for easier management (Optional):



Importing Files

Next, add all of the models that you wish to print by dragging and dropping them, or clicking on the arrow to browse your computer's storage:



RayWare Cloud will then process the files and prepare them for the slicing process:



Once finished, click the Import Files button at the bottom:



Once imported, RayWare Cloud will analyze the files and ensure they are printable"



Sending a Print

RayWare Cloud will then automatically place the models with the most efficient layout. The menu on the right hand side will a list of all of the STL files that were imported, and also show the Print Job Settings which can be adjusted for the material and layer thickness used:



Once the correct Print Job Settings are selected, you can save the print job as an .SPR file for later use, or send directly to your printers Print Queue

Note: Printers must be logged in to the same network as the computer, as well as be logged in to the same Dashboard/RayWare Cloud account to show as visible in RayWare Cloud



To send the print to the Print Queue, select a printer that is connected and available:



Always ensure that the correct resin is in the printer, the resin is thoroughly mixed, and filled above the Minimum Line for best results.




We can help with that!

If you're experiencing difficulties or have questions about any of your SprintRay products, submit a support ticket or contact us at 800-914-8004

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