Sending a Design to RayWare Cloud

1. Once you approve the design, click Add to Print Job to add your file to a print job in RayWare Cloud.Sending_a_Design_to_Rayware_Cloud_2 edited.png

2. To view the print job in RayWare Cloud, click on the notification banner.

Sending_a_Design_to_Rayware_Cloud_3 edited.png

RayWare Cloud will automatically place your file in its optimal orientation with balanced supports. You also have the option to move the file, re-orient, or generate different support densities/strengths if you prefer. Otherwise, your file is ready to print!


3. To print, select Send to Printer.

Sending_a_Design_to_Rayware_Cloud_4 edited.png


4. The Printer List shows printers connected to your SprintRay account. Select a printer from the list and click Send to Queue or Print Now to send the print job to your printer.

Sending_a_Design_to_Rayware_Cloud_6 copy.png

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