Manual Resin Tank Preheating

A new feature introduced with the release of the Print OS 6.59 software, allows you to manually begin the Resin Tank preheating before the start of your first print of the day. This feature gives the ability to save time before the start of your print by preheating the resin inside of the Resin Tank while you prepare your designs, and set up your prints.


How to Use:

On the Home screen of the Pro printer, you should see a button labeled Preheat Resin Tank:



Once pressed , the touchscreen will prompt you to ensure the Resin Tank is filled to the proper level for you print job, and let you know how long the process will take:




Once started, the Home screen will show a status bar of time remaining until the printer is ready:




Once the preheating is complete, the touchscreen will indicate that the Resin Tank is ready to print:



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