Two Step Denture Luting with Pro Cure 2

If you wish to lute a set of Denture teeth to a corresponding Denture base, the Pro Cure 2 makes that an extremely easy to follow, step by step process.


Start by selecting the Appliances list on the Home Screen:




Select Conventional Denture from the list of available appliances:




Next, select the type of Denture Teeth material you are using:




Then, select the type of Denture Base material you are using as well:




Follow the instructions on the screen for the selected Denture Teeth and Base combination.

Note: if using the same brand resin for both the Teeth and Base, there may only be one curing cycle for the luting process (One Step)


Instructions_Conventional_Denture_2-step.png 170_-_User_Flow_Cure_Zone_A__2_.png

170_-_User_Flow_Cure_Zone_A__3_.png 230_-_User_Flow_Done_Curing.png

210_A_-_User_Flow_Initialize.png 230_-_User_Flow_Done_Curing__1_.png


Once both steps of the process are complete, your luted and cured denture set is ready to go!

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