Preparing Denture Bases in RayWare Cloud

RayWare Cloud takes the effort out of preparing your Denture Bases for print, by automatically nesting them at the most optimal, fully supported angulation.




To begin, select Denture, Base, printer typeNo for Mesh Repair, and your material type.




Once you have verified your selections, you can drag and drop your STL files or click Browse to locate them in your file viewer. Select Next.




RayWare cloud will then analyze your models and place them in their optimal position with
ideal support placement.

Once uploaded, rotate the view to the underside of the model and check the support placement.
For best results, Denture Bases should have adequate supports along the flange, and minimal supports on the intaglio surface for quicker post processing and polishing.

Should you need to add or remove supports, click on the model and select Supports from the right hand menu and select Add/Remove Individual Supports.




The blue dots on the model surface indicate where supports will be placed. Click on the model surface to add a support or hover over a blue dot until it turns red and click to remove the support.




Once finished, click Confirm Changes, then click Send to Printer. Select your compatible printer, and click the Send to Queue button.



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