Using the Plane Cut Tool in RayWare Cloud

The Plane Cut function allows you to cut a model along a single plane. Use of this function will help reduce material waste by reducing the base or cutting off unnecessary portions of your model.


To begin, select the Print Job Type and the associated parameters, and upload your file by either dragging and dropping your files onto the print platform, or by selecting Browse to navigate to the storage location for your files:




Once imported, simply left-click the model you wish to trim and select the Mesh Edit menu on the right hand side of the screen. Select Plane Cut.




When selected, the Plane Cut tool will show a pink colored plane. Adjust the plane up or down by clicking on the arrows located above the plane.




To remove a specific amount of the base, you may also use the slider tool found in the Mesh Edit menu, or enter the specific value in millimeters.




Once you have positioned the cutting plane in the desired location, click Confirm Changes. Everything below the pink plane will be removed.





Now, you are ready to print your trimmed models!



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