Using the Bracket Removal Tool in RayWare Cloud

The Bracket Removal tool in RayWare Cloud makes it easy to remove brackets or teeth attachments during the final treatment stages, significantly reducing turnaround times for delivery, and ensuring maximum patient comfort.



To begin, import your model into RayWare Cloud, using the desired Print Job Settings for your Printer Type and Material. 


Once imported, simply left-click the model you wish to remove the brackets on, and select the Mesh Edit menu on the right hand side of the screen. Click Start Bracket Removal.


After selecting, the mouse will show a pink sphere, indicating what portions of the model will be highlighted. You can adjust the size of the selection with the Scale slider at the top of the screen to the desired size.


After selecting the bracket and a small portion of the adjacent surfaces, click the Confirm Changes button. RayWare Cloud will then delete the bracket or attachment, and intelligently smooth the tooth surface, following the natural anatomy of the patient. 

Now, you are ready to print your smoothed models!



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