Using the Multi Cycle Wash Profile

The Multi Cycle Wash utilizes both IPA chambers 1 and 2, as well as a drying cycle to effectively wash most dental appliances. This is the recommended setting for all resins, unless otherwise noted in the Material IFU.


To access the Wash Profile menu, click on the Wrench icon on the top left corner of the Pro Wash/Dry touchscreen.




Next, click on the Wash Profile button.




Then select the Multi Cycle Wash button on the left, and click the right arrow at the top right hand side of the touchscreen.




Now, you can adjust the wash and dry times for each part of the wash cycle. Cycle 1 is the first wash, which is usually longer due to the IPA in that chamber being more saturated. Cycle 2 is the second wash, which is performed with the cleaner IPA of chamber 2. The final cycle is the Drying Cycle, which can be increased to help dry models with excess IPA remaining. 


All cycles can be adjusted from a minimum of 3 minutes, to a maximum of 10 minutes each.




As a general recommendation, longer wash times are required when washing more models, or when the IPA in either chamber is saturated with resin, and beyond effectiveness. Full platforms of vertical models (6+ models) may require removal of the models from the platform and basket washing in two separate wash cycles for best results. 


If printing hollow models, they must be removed from the platform to effectively wash the top and bottom surfaces.

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