Using the Single Cycle Wash Profile

The Single Cycle Wash allows you to wash models using a single wash and dry cycle from the IPA reservoir of your choosing. This is only recommended for special applications that only require one wash to limit IPA exposure, or to wash models with an extra cycle if needed.


To select Single Cycle Wash, access the Wash Profile menu by clicking on the Wrench icon on the top left corner of the Pro Wash/Dry touchscreen.




Next, click on the Wash Profile button.




Then select the Single Cycle Wash button on the right, and click the right arrow at the top right hand side of the touchscreen.




Now, you can adjust the wash times for each IPA chamber independently. When using the Single Cycle Wash, the models will only be washed with the selected IPA chamber, instead of utilizing both chambers, and will finish with the normal drying cycle. 


All cycles can be adjusted from a minimum of 3 minutes, to a maximum of 10 minutes each.




When finished, use the Left Arrow at the top left of the touchscreen to return to the Home screen. 

On the Home screen, you will now be able to choose which IPA chamber you wish to perform a Single Cycle Wash and Dry with.




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