Updating the Pro S Materials Library

The Pro S features an onboard Materials Library for compatibility with a wide range of SprintRay brand resins, as well as our validated Third Party resins.  

When to Update

This Material Library may need to be updated regularly for compatibility with newly released resins, or for general printing reliability improvements. Ensuring your Materials Library is up to date can also help prevent or resolve any bugs or issues encountered due to a potential mismatch between an out of date library, and a newer version of RayWare.

How to Update

RayWare Cloud Users

Every time a new print is sent to the Pro S, this Materials Library is automatically updated in the background.

RayWare Desktop Users

For users of our standalone software, it will be necessary to periodically update the Materials Library manually via the printer's touchscreen. It is recommended to update the Materials Library at least once a month, or when a new resin or Software update is released.

To update, navigate to the Settings menu on the printer touchscreen


Click on the Software section


Scroll down to the Materials section, and click the Update Now button


Once the Materials Library has been updated, you can proceed with normal printing. 

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