Updating the Material Database

As new resins are added to our library of 1st and 3rd party materials, updates and additions will be released to ensure compatibility with RayWare and your 3D printer. Once updated, these new resin profiles will show in the drop down list automatically. It is recommended to update your Material Database 

  • After installing a new version of RayWare Desktop
  • When using a new resin
  • If encountering any printing errors or bugs


To update the Material Database, start by opening the Print Job Settings in RayWare Desktop by clicking the icon at the top of the window



The Print Job Settings menu will indicate when the last time the Materials Database was updated



Next, click the Update button, and RayWare Desktop will connect to our SprintRay servers to download the latest Materials Database



Once downloaded, the window will indicate that the database has been updated



Now that your Materials Database is updated, you can proceed with normal printing. 



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